Centro de Otorrinolaringología y Cirugía Nasal

Centro de Otorrinolaringología y Cirugía Nasal

Drs. Campos, we are committed to excellence and quality for our patients. We are specialists in otolaryngology, specializing in the detection, management and control of diseases involving the nose, ears and throat.

We provide the patient with that comprehensive management that a nose surgery needs. We specialize in nasal surgery both to treat respiratory and infectious problems as in surgery to improve the nose aesthetically and to achieve the always desired changes.

We have state-of-the-art technology, which allows us to offer our patients children and adults a service of excellence.

We provide medical and surgical treatments depending on each particular case. If you suffer from snoring problems, hearing problems, vertigo problems or any disease affecting your ears, nose or throat, you can count on us.


Escazú, San José, Costa Rica

Address: Next to CIMA Hospital


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