Daniel Izrael Rubinstein

Daniel Izrael Rubinstein

Orthopedics and Traumatology
Patient Demographics: Babies, Children, Adult, Elderly

"My goal is to allow my patients to clarify all their doubts and discomforts, with this they can recover their mobility, strength and functionality to continue with their lives in a healthy way."

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Procedures (5)

Achilles tendon surgery
Knee and Hip Prosthesis Surgery
Partial Shoulder Replacement
Shoulder Rotator Cuff Reconstruction

Medical conditions (47)

Achilles tendon rupture
Back pain
Broken nose
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Cartilage and joints wear
Congenital and acquired deformities of the foot and ankle
Elbow fracture
Femur fracture
Flat foot
Forearm fracture
Fractured ankle
Fractured bone
Fractured fingers
Fractured foot
Fractured hand
Fractured hip
Fractured knee
Fractured leg
Fractured shoulder
Fractured wrist
Fractures, dislocations and complications of foot and ankle
Genu valgum
Genu varum
Golfer's elbow
Hallux valgus
Heel spurs
Hip pain
Injuries to the muscles of the arm, hand, foot
Joint pain
Knee injury
Knee ligament fracture
Leg pain
Ligament sprains knee and ankle
Lower back pain
Meniscus problems
Muscle contracture
Muscle pain
Muscle Tears
Neck pain, shoulder and hips
Nerve compression
Quervain Tendinitis
Trauma rotator cuff
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General Info

About me

All my life I have been passionate about science, since I was little I was interested in medicine and orthopedics is what I am passionate about, both the clinical part and surgery. I feel that I can restore functionality to patients and ease their pain with my knowledge.


English, עברית, Español


  • Orthopedic and Traumatology Specialist. Hadassah Hospital Universitario. 2014
  • Doctor of medicine and surgery. Universidad de Ciencias Médicas (UCIMED). 2008
  • Joint replacement and knee arthroscopy

  • Orthopedic trauma

  • AOTrauma FEP Course (FACUTY EDUCATION PROGRAM) 2015 Zurich, Switzerland

  • AO Europe Master Course- Fractures around the knee, June 2015 London, UK

  • Latin America lower extremity surgical skills course DepuySynthes, Florida 2018

  • Latin America Pelvis and Acetabulum surgical skills course Acumed, Portland 2018

  • Latin America Upper Extremity Surgical Skills Course Acumed , Miami 2017

  • Upper Extremity Reconstruction and Trauma Surgical Workshop for Latin America • August 17-18, 2017


  • Physicians and Surgeons College of Costa Rica cod. MED9941Active

    Medic and Surgeon - Costa Rica

  • Member of AOTrauma Europe
  • San José Biblica Clinic Private orthopedic consultation + orthopedic availability + orthopedic surgery 2020-current
  • Hospital Cima San José Availability orthopedics and orthopedic surgery
  • Hospital del Trauma (INS) San José Costa Rica I work as a specialist in trauma, knee arthroscopy and joint replacement 2017- present