Natalia Demianko

Natalia Demianko

General Dentistry
Patient Demographics: Adult, Elderly

"Advanced Dentistry Dra. Natalia Demianko
I practice complete dentistry. The entire chewing system is checked: muscles, bones, joints and teeth. It seeks to bring the patient to a balance of the Masticatory System, which ensures long-term oral health"

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Procedures (48)

Crown (permanent tooth)
Dental implant crown
Porcelain veener, per tooth
Resin-based filling
Root canal therapy, molar, excluding final restoration
Adjust full denture, lower
Adjust full denture, upper
Application of desensitizing medicaments
Bondings, per tooth
Ceramic inlay
Dental bridge
Dental Cleaning
Dental cleaning with fluoride
Dental emergency
Dental implant, per tooth
Dental x-rays (fin, occlusal, periapical)
Diastema closure with resins
Diastema closures with resins
Digital radiovisiography
Drainage of abscess, intraoral
Extraction of wisdom tooth (nonsurgical)
Extraction of wisdom tooth (surgical)
Fabrication of mouthguard
Fissure Sealants
Gum surgery
Impacted tooth extraction
Incision and drainage of abscess, intraoral tissue
Inlay, porcelain/ceramic, 1 surface
Limited oral evaluation
Local anesthesia
Local anesthesia not in conjunction with operative or surgical procedures
Partial Denture
Periodontal maintenance (non-invasive)
Periodontal scaling & root planing, per quadrant
Permanent tooth extraction
Porcelain crown, per tooth
Post & core
Pulp vitality test
Root canal therapy, anterior, excluding final restoration
Root canal therapy, biradicular
Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening with Lamp (in the clinic)
Temporary Restorations (glass ionomer, zinc oxide, basic restorations)
Topical application of fluoride, child
Upper full denture
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Medical conditions (15)

Jaw pain
Teeth grinding/clenching (bruxism)
Tooth wear
Bacterial plaque
Bad breath
Dental infection
Dental stains
Dental trauma
Gum pain
Oral thrush (creamy white lesions in mouth)
Sensitive gum
Sensitive teeth
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General Info

About me

I am of Russian origin. At 18 years old I came to Costa Rica. I come from a family with a long tradition of doctors. My mother is a dermatologist and my father was a gynecologist. From there arises a passion for medicine and dentistry. I realized that I love serving people. I am one of these people who scares me very much going to the dentist. And I strive every day, with all my patients, to have a nice time in my clinic. There is nothing that gives me more happiness than seeing a person who comes out with a smile from my office and that my fear of the dentist vanishes. I am a perfectionist person. I like that my works are in the best possible way. I take the necessary time at the appointment for the patient to overcome their fears and to do the best job possible. I believe that technology is our ally. Today it is irresponsible to treat patients without the help of new technologies. Just as the world of cell phones has radically changed, the world of dentistry and medicine follows in its footsteps and it is our duty as dentists to implement everything in our hands in order to provide a service of the highest quality. Continuing education for this reason and for many others has become indispensable. In order to follow trends and also understand new processes, we have an obligation and a duty towards our patients to be constantly educating ourselves.
I firmly believe that dentistry must be fully practiced. Not only the teeth have to be checked by the dentist. The stomatognathic apparatus includes bones, joints, muscles, teeth, and supporting tissues. All these structures are affected by a bad bite. The dentist should look for the reason for the changes in a patient's mouth. Recurrent cavities or muscle aches in the head and neck region may be related to an unstable occlusion. The complete review of a patient is necessary to have a correct diagnosis and predictability in our treatments. Dental health covers many aspects. The mouth is the first place where manifestations of many diseases and ailments appear. Sleep apnea and respiratory problems directly affect the oral cavity. The dentist trained in full dentistry is able to see these symptoms and refer the patient to the respective specialist. Dentistry must be seen as a separate branch of medicine. The cooperation between the dentist and the GP or specialist is of utmost importance.
Dental aesthetics goes hand in hand with function. A good treatment of the stomach system always has dental aesthetics as a guide. Minimally invasive dentistry is our end. Preserving the dental structure is possible with minimally invasive restorations, as long as the function of the stomatognathic system is restored and respected. Otherwise the jobs are not lasting. Oral health is an attractive and aesthetically pleasing mouth. The smile is the letter of introduction of a person. Today there is nothing that cosmetic dentistry cannot improve or solve. Better materials, new technology and, of course, the aesthetic taste and knowledge of the dentist and dental technician are crucial.
I faithfully believe in helping my patients. Solve your problems forcefully and reliably. It is our duty to return the trust placed in our hands with the most accurate diagnosis, lasting work and respect for our patients.


English, Pyccĸий, Español


  • DMD. Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. December 2007
  • Master in Aesthetics and Rehabilitation - Universidad Internacional de Catalunya

  • Endodontics Internship - University of Costa Rica

  • Emphasis on muscle occlusion disorders

  • IX Course of Oral Implantology - Dental Seminars. San José, Costa Rica


  • Oral Implantology Program of Costa Rica - University of Miami, Division of Oral& Maxilofacial Surgery. Miami, FL


  • Course: Prosthetic rehabilitation on Biomet 3i dental implants. San Jose Costa Rica.


  • Ceramic Week - Costa Rica, UCLA

  • Internship

    Endodontics - Universidad de Costa Rica


  • Costa Rican Dental Association cod. 337607Active

    Costa Rica

  • American Dental Association (ADA)
  • XXV Congreso Científico Odontológico - Asociación Costarricense de Congresos Odontológicos ACCO. San José, Costa Rica
  • 2012 International Congress of Oral Implantologists - Orlando, FL